Fuerteventura Family Photography

Discover the essence of family life in Fuerteventura through my lens.

Fuerteventura family photos will tell your unique story.

For the sentimental people who want to preserve and treasure the time they share with their families.

These photographs become a visual narrative, telling the story of a family's journey and growth. They serve as treasured heirlooms, connecting the past with the present and creating a legacy for future generations. Family photography evokes nostalgia, reminding us of the love and support that surround us. It celebrates the beauty of family, showcasing the unity and togetherness in artful portraits. Each image is a testament to the love shared within the family, a glimpse into their joy, laughter, and shared experiences.

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Explore the beauty of Fuerteventura through family photos that immortalize your unique bonds. Grab your sun hats and put on those cheerful smiles; it's time for some Fuerteventura family fun! Dive into the joy of family life on this enchanting island. Let's capture the laughter, the beach adventures, and those unforgettable sandcastle-building showdowns. Your family story deserves a special chapter, and we'll create it together!

Don't be shy; Get in touch! The only thing that should be in the dark is your favorite photo spot. Xx

Whether you fill out this form, send an email, or give me a call, let's begin crafting your Fuerteventura family memories today.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria|Dunes of Maspalomas|Family adventure

Being a Gran Canaria photographer based in Fuerteventura, I've had the privilege of exploring and capturing the natural beauty of this stunning island. One of my favorite locations for a family photo session is the Maspalomas sandy dunes. These dunes come to life, especially during the autumn and winter months when the grass turns lush green, and the interplay of sunlight during sunset creates a truly magical ambiance.


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How long do we have to wait to get our full gallery of images?



That's great to know! Typically, you can expect to receive your beautifully edited photos within a week, or even sooner, depending on my schedule. I'll make sure to provide you with stunning photos as quickly as possible while ensuring the highest quality. Your precious memories will be ready in no time!

What should we wear for the photo session?


I encourage you to wear outfits that showcase your family's unique style. Coordinating colors, rather than matching, can create a beautiful and harmonious look. I'll also provide you with information on how to complement colors for a balanced yet distinctive appearance, ensuring that everyone shines individually while coming together beautifully in your photos.

How long does a typical photosession last, and what's included


Preparing for a family photo session in Fuerteventura? You probably have some questions, and I'm here to answer them

A typical session lasts around 1 hour. It includes a variety of candid and posed shots, with editing and color correction. You'll receive a minimum of 40 high-resolution images in an online gallery for your selection, available for one year.

Kind Words


Alex was amazing, he spent much longer time with us than needed, and he was so good with our little daughter.He took care of everything, outfits, poses, locations, he had it all setup before we even arrived. Communicating with him before the sessipn was fast and helpful.
We highly recommend him, you will get quality pictures and have a comfortable photo session with a dash of fun (he really loves kids, and has more patience with them than me, the father 😂)

We had such a great time during the Photoshooting!

It was a lot of fun for us and our 1-year-old daughter. When we received the photos in our Online Gallery one week later I was speechless! The photos were stunning and simply AMAZING! He did a great job and I highly recommend him to you if you are looking for breathtaking photos for you and your family! Our perfect memories to an amazing Fuerteventura Vacation!

As a professional photographer myself, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve from our family photoshoot (two adults and three children under 5.5) and I am so pleased we booked Alex.

He is very talented and his portfolio was also exactly in the style I was after -- natural, unposed and capturing the connection between the family.
Alex is truly a character and he is really great with children, he has a fun and easygoing way about him and our children took to him straight away.
I couldn't be happier with our final gallery.

Amanda,Cesar and ariadna

Julia,Jasper and Sarah

Yasmin,Ben,Elijah,Eden &and Raphael

New Zealand



Discover the enchanting world of Fuerteventura Family Photos through the eyes of those who've ventured into this sandy wonderland with me. Xxx My awesome clients have shared their tales, and their beaming smiles tell stories of their own.

But hold on, I can't take all the credit; my clients bring their own charm, style, and, occasionally, their quirky personalities to the frame. Together, we create memories that are as unique as each wave on the shore. So, gear up for some beach escapades, sandcastle-building showdowns, and endless fun as we capture your family's story. Your Fuerteventura adventure begins here, one snapshot at a time, with a pinch of laughter and a splash of sun-soaked magic.