Fuerteventura wedding photography is about the authenticity you brought to life in images.

Winter in Fuerteventura Island for a Lajares Wedding? Yes, please!

What is it that makes us feel so connected to someone?  It’s remarkable how instantly we can be drawn, how eyes can meet across a great distance to feel a connection, sometimes even instantly?!  Most of us want, need, to be seen and heard on a deep level. Deep connection sounds simple, but it’s a hard thing really experience. Think back, when was your last really deep conversation? A conversation where you felt safe enough to share your truth, your vulnerability? When was the last time you kept going past the scary parts to connect?

I think it is this human need for connection that fascinates me. My work is an investigation of human connection. The ways that people express affection and show connection vary so much from couple to couple. Spend even a few minutes with Megan and Brian and you can feel their energy and connection filling the air around them.

I think they know a bit about how special they are together.  You can see it in their eyes and in the way their friends look at them.   Their wedding day in Fuerteventura Island cut through so much pretense that can surround weddings. It was about bringing friends and family together to celebrate. It was about having a damn good party.   I’ll let my photos do the talking from here.

My greatest hope is for you to end up with images that move your heart & leave you with memories suspended in time.

Fuerteventura wedding photography by Alex Lapatik.