Maspalomas Dunes Family | Photography | Annika, Pavel, Oscar & Robin

Hey, I'm Alex, your go-to Gran Canaria family photographer, and guess what? I just had the coolest time capturing Annika, Pavel, Oscar, and Robin at Maspalomas Dunes! Picture this: giggles, sand between toes, and genuine smiles. Now, I'm sharing the joy on the blog—turning these moments into a story that'll make you smile. Check it out and join the fun!

Gran Canaria family photographer

Meeting them again was like hanging out with old friends. We know each other so well, making it easy and, of course, tons of fun! Moreover, Maspalomas Dunes is always filled to the brim with laughter, sunshine, and sandy adventures. 🏖️ Interestingly, it's incredible how time flies; it feels like we just picked up where we left off.

This session brought back memories from our first shoot—Oscar's infectious giggles, Robin's playful spirit, and the love that radiates between Annika and Pavel. They've become more than clients; they're like family now. 🌟

Gran Canaria family photographer
Gran Canaria family portraits

Chasing Storms, Capturing Magic

Now, here's the unexpected twist: the weather decided to get a bit stormy, giving us a breathtaking, dramatic light that added a whole new layer of magic to our session at Maspalomas Dunes. The play of light and shadows brought out the rich textures of the sand and ocean, creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. 📸It was a blast, and I can't wait to see the prints that Annika will create from these magical memories. I feel grateful to photograph those moments.

Gran Canaria family portrait session

Alex, your go-to Gran Canaria family photographer Xxx

If you've had a blast like we did and want to make some awesome plans for your family? Shoot me a message! Whether you're hanging out in Las Palmas or thinking about exploring another Canary Island. I'm up for the adventure—after all, I love to ride and fly! 😉✈️ Let's chat and craft some more beautiful memories together. ✨

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