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Elopement Photography in Fuerteventura: A Mountain Retreat in Betancuria



It is one of the most amazing ways to celebrate your love. It is intimate, unique, and a chance to do something that is really you. I love to get to know couples on their journey and help them to create an experience to remember forever.


Fuerteventura has the most amazing dunes, beaches, cliffs, mountains, and coastline you will ever find.
It’s an amazing playground for elopements and adventures.


Meet us

If you are thinking of eloping we are always up for a chat with you to see what it could look like. We have helped many couples do this and would love to chat with you!


Embrace Intimacy: Eloping allows you and your partner to focus solely on your love and commitment to each other, without the distractions and expectations that often come with larger traditional weddings.


Personalize Your Experience: Eloping gives you the freedom to design a wedding experience that truly reflects your personalities, preferences, and dreams. You can choose a location that holds meaning to you, incorporate unique rituals, and curate every detail to make it truly yours.

Stress-Free Celebration

Stress-Free Planning: Planning a big wedding can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Eloping simplifies the process, with fewer logistics and decisions to navigate, you can enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free wedding experience.


Escape the Ordinary

Explore New Destinations: Eloping opens up a world of possibilities for destination weddings. Whether it's a picturesque beach, a stunning mountain range, or a vibrant cityscape, you can choose a location that speaks to your wanderlust and desire for adventure.

Intimate Moments: Eloping allows you to savor precious moments with your partner in a more private setting. You can exchange vows intimately, away from the crowd, and fully immerse yourselves in the love and emotions of the day.


Love, Your Way


Focus on Your Relationship: Eloping shifts the focus back to the essence of your relationship. It reminds you of the core reasons you want to spend your lives together, emphasizing the importance of your commitment and love.

Embrace the enchantment of your elopement within the captivating mountain landscapes of Betancuria, Fuerteventura. Our dedicated elopement photography service expertly captures every intimate moment in this serene mountain retreat.

As your love story unfolds among the mountains, our lenses bear witness, preserving each moment in a photograph.

When you choose to elope in Betancuria, it marks the commencement of your life's adventure together. Allow us to beautifully document every step of your journey.

Through our elopement photography, your love story transforms into art, set against the stunning backdrop of Betancuria's mountains. Every smile, every tender touch, and every stolen glance we capture narrates the unique chapters of your journey. Join us in telling your story.

photography: Alex Lapatik // planning: Sanda Pandza // wedding dress: Cebra Culture // hair stylist and makeup artist: MP studio & spa  // stationery: // backstage photo: Claudia Zocca // // jewels: Momely Jewels //styling: Sanda Pandaz


"Elope Your Way: Create a Wedding Experience as Unique as Your Love"

So, take a deep breath, relax, and let's dive into the exciting journey of planning your elopement.




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